Centelon Rebranding
Centelon, launched in 2015, offers end-to-end solutions to help clients face modern business disruption through technology.  Powered by global partners, it offers consulting, solutions and technology services in Australia,  New- Zealand and India. Centelon digitalises and simplifies the tedious traditional out-of-date corporate processes with the help of technology which in turns increases work efficiency, productivity and reduces time consumption. They make technology for businesses, helping their clients to innovate, adapt and succeed in this ever changing fast paced  dynamic World of technology.
Brief : To devise a Brand Identity for Centelon, considering the value propositions for it’s array of customers, by keeping in mind the overall longevity of the Identity and the positioning. The keywords from the stakeholders for the brand was to make it look approachable, human-centric, catering to both the internal and external audience, futuristic intelligent refreshing modern and human centric.

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