'Rabari, The people of the Leopard'.
This project attempts to document the community-led leopard conservation with the nuances of economic migration, land ownership issues, in a quaint village in Western India. This mesmerizing village has a human population of 1500 and there are 70 leopards that coexist.
The poster was inspired by how the film shows both sides of the coin, of the situation at the village Beera. On one hand , Agriculture has made the region fairly self-reliant.Industry, new railways lines and paved highways have given a new boost to industry. Agriculture has encroached upon grazing land. The herdsmen are selling their livestock because there is not a lot of supporting grazing land. The leopard’s prey base is reducing and they have started to enter the human areas more often.Industry, mining, the new railway lines and the highways have been detrimental to that change and the years old harmony is breaking
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