This is book is a personal project, for which I came up with a story, sculpted model for the character and illustrated the cover and the interior illustration.
The story is about Shiro, who stood far away in the mystical rainforest of Scythia,  a zoophyte, half sheep and half plant, stranded in middle of a lake. These zoophytes, rooted in one place, would survive on the plants and fallen fruits around them. Once it was all striped down they would turn into omnivorous sheeps, eating every insect and bird that came their way. In dire times, out of hunger they would end up eating the plant that was nurturing them and thus die. But unlike the zoophytes of his kind, Shiro was rather compassionate, he never let hunger get to him, and was friends with everybody around him. The little birds and squirrels then started getting berries and figs for him, It was barely enough but Shiro would always be grateful to them. He would kill time staring at the bright fishes below and the clouds up above, talking to the birds that stopped by now and then. At other times, he'd day dream about exploring the forest and the land beyond. Everything changed for Shiro, when one morning he woke up to a little boy wading across the pond on his round boat. Ang, who lived with his grandparents just outside of the forest, was a curious fellow and would often venture into the forest collecting flowers, funny colored leaves and the red lily beetles.​​​​​​​
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